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Brewery Credit Union is a full-service, not for profit financial institution. We offer our members attractive rates and terms on all types of consumer financ

ial services. The employees of Brewery Credit Union pride themselves on the personal service they provide to you, the member.



“Providing superior financial service while economically empowering our Members and  Community.”

We do our best every day to complete this mission with the greatest customer satisfaction and highest quality service.



Certified CDIF

The mission of a Community Development Financial Institution is to expand economic opportunity for underserved people and communities.   As a United States Treasury designated CDFI, we specialize in serving the low-income households in our community who struggle with limited access to financial products and services.

As a CDFI Credit Union, we are:

  • Nonprofit and tax-exempt (but not a charity).
  • Cooperatively owned and governed — one member, one vote.
  • Regulated, federally-insured financial institution.

CDFIs specialize in providing:

  • Fairly priced loans to members with imperfect, limited or no credit history.
  • A safe place to save.
  • A place to conduct transactions at a reasonable cost.
  • Financial education and counseling for its members.
  • Products, services and support that can help members to free themselves from high-cost and predatory debt, gain control over their personal finances, and achieve economic well-being.

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve financial security and have access to safe, low-cost financial products and services. If you believe our mission will benefit you financially, or your membership will support members seeking to benefit from our mission, we would like you to become a member/owner in our great organization.  Feel proud that your participation in our financial cooperative furthers our mission to serve those of modest income whom are underserved or unbanked in the communities we serve.  Click Here to start your membership application.