Let’s be Real about Resolutions: 5 Tips for Setting Goals and Achieving Them

Desk surface with 2024 goals written in notebook, a coffee cup, glasses, a pen, a plant, and a keyboard in background

As we enter the new year, many of us find ourselves inspired to make positive changes in our lives. Whether it’s adopting a healthier lifestyle, advancing our careers, or cultivating personal growth, setting realistic goals is key to success. Many people give up on their resolutions just a few weeks or months into the new year — […]

Securing Financial Freedom: A Guide for Young Adults

Couple discussing bills at table

Entering adulthood often comes with a myriad of responsibilities, and one of the most significant challenges faced by many young people today is managing student debt while striving for financial stability. However, with careful planning, discipline, and the right strategies, it is possible to eliminate student debt, save money, and lay the foundation for a […]

Fast, Safe, Social — Are We Sure About That?

Venmo app icon. Hand with mobile phone with application.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, money apps like Venmo and Cash App have gained popularity as convenient tools for managing financial transactions. They offer seamless peer-to-peer transfers and provide a simple way to split bills, pay friends, or make online purchases. However, it’s essential to recognize the potential risks associated with keeping money in these […]

Tidy Up Your Transactions

Open laptop with streaming service on screen resting on bed with mug in front of it with "Just One More Episode" message written on it

In a world of subscription services and money-transferring apps, it is easier than ever to lose track of where your money is going. The list of streaming services is never ending, making it hard to remember what you pay for each month and if you even use the service enough for it to be worthwhile. […]

Yours, Mine, and Ours: The Smart Financial Move for Couples

Young couple use credit card for online shopping

In today’s world, the cost of living has skyrocketed, and couples are feeling the pinch. Many are choosing to stay together because of financial constraints. According to a new report,  nearly one-quarter of all couples are primarily staying in their current relationships due to financial dependency. For better or worse, money plays a big role in […]

Buy This, Not That: Things It’s Ok To Cut Costs On

Person shaking shaker with pepper inside

Brand recognition. We all fall victim to this marketing ploy. Companies spend a lot of money to serve you commercials and ads to get you to buy the best of the best. However, sometimes the best of the best comes at a greater cost, and sometimes expensive things…are worse. We know, it can come as […]

Navigating Divorce Finances

Sad wife looking at her ring after fight with husband

Divorce is stressful, and it is expensive. They tend to cost as low as $15,000 and as high as $20,000 for most couples. To put it into perspective, that could be the cost of a new car, a college tuition loan, or medical bills. These expenses most commonly are due to attorney fees, court costs, […]

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