Youth Savings

Every saver is unique, but most people who save regularly developed the habit early in life. Learning to delay gratification in order to save for long-term goals is a crucial life skill, and Brewery Credit Union is committed to helping our youngest members develop. By helping your child learn about saving now, you’ll help them as they grow older.

The earlier young members start a savings account, the more it will grow, and the easier it will be to achieve their dreams. Learning this good financial habit at a young age will set them up on the path of successful financial well-being.

Stop in the credit union to open your youth savings account.

YOUNG CHILDREN (6 and Younger)

Give them a toy bank
Add change to the bank to introduce the concept of money.

Talk while shopping

Discuss the cost of items. Put any change in their piggy bank.


Give an allowance

Introduce them to money management. Quarters are a good denomination.

Discuss goals
Talk about goals and how you save for them.

Start a jar system
Make a jar for Give, Save, and Spend. Divide allowance evenly.

Take them to the credit union

Open a youth savings account, and take them to deposit their save jar.


Add an investment jar
As their allowance rises, start talking about investments and long-term goals.

Add more accounts at your credit union
When they’re ready, consider a checking account and debit card that you help them manage. Developing good money management early sets them up for success later in life.