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Pocket2Pocket is a better mobile money transfer solution!  Send money to anyone in the U.S. with a debit card or checking account!  No need to hit the ATM or write a personal check.  It’s faster, easier and in most cases, cheaper!

Highly secure – trusted user interface & patented scrambled PIN pad technology

No passwords to remember – acceptance via mobile device or web-based payment

Nothing is faster – real-time EFT network transmission

Use Pocket2Pocket instead of a gift card for gift giving, pay your babysitter, fund your college kids away from home, and more!

Send Money Using the Device that is Convenient for You
Use your desktop or Smartphone

To send money from your desktop, simply:
•    Go to this link on your smartphone.
•    Use your existing Brewery Credit Union debit card.
•    Enter your PIN using the touch of your smartphone.
•    No registration required.

Use Our App:
Do all of your online banking in one place! Use the Brewery Credit Union App to send money with Pocket2Pocket.

Download Our App

**Note: There is a $1 fee to use the Pocket2Pocket service.

Watch a demo below: