**** Telltale signs your email account has been compromised ****

  • Complaints of spam received from individuals on your contact list;
  • Emails contained in your “sent” folder that you did not send;
  • Your inbox contains MAILER DAEMON rejection notices indicating sent emails were rejected;
  • Contents of email folders (e.g., Sent, Spam, Deleted, etc.) have been deleted;
  • Failure to receive new email; and
  • Unable to log in to your email account due to an invalid password.

On a related subject no one from Brewery Credit Union or anyone representing us will ever call or text you asking for personal information like account numbers or social security numbers.  Do not give any personal information over the phone, text, email or to an unknown website.  Please call us (414) 273-3170 if you believe you have been a victim of a scam!